Here is yesterday’s presentation to Türk Bilişim Vakfı (Turkish Informatics Foundation) titled AI Revolution that merges some insights from previous papers and talks with some new bits thrown in.

AI Revolution


In this presentation, I examine the revolutionary changes that the AI field has brought from philosophical, scientific and business perspectives. I begin with an introduction to philosophy of AI, and touch upon the philosophical repercussions of the algorithmic information theory approach. I then move onto my axiomatization of AI, and I give a rough timeline of AI milestones based on Solomonoff’s historical account of AI development, and some recent developments in deep learning and general-purpose AI. Subsequently, I examine the business view with the current AI startup landscape, the concepts of labor automation, and trends. Finally, I explore the future of AI by discussing the Infinity Point theory, and my version of it using Koomey’s law. I present a worst-case argument for when large-scale human-level AI adaptation will occur based on a macro-economic analysis of the cost and proliferation of whole brain simulation technology.

I also briefly introduced the Celestial Intellect Cybernetics AGI Platform in a separate presentation. I was quite pleased to witness such an enthusiastic audience, the audience directed insightful and interesting questions.


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Artificial Intelligence Revolution

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