It is not wise to store much private information on the servers of a corporation which is interested in making a profit from the data you inadvertently give them. Furthermore, it is not a good idea to store public information on a limited network. If you will share something, it is much better to share it through your own website and blog. You can always share your blog on facebook (nicely rhymes with “fahise”-book in Turkish) for increased viewing among your peers. However, a website will provide much better exposure through multiple such social networks and search engines. I realized that I had to keep all of my posts private on facebook, so my blog entries do not show up anywhere except on my dear “friends'” computers. That is not a very wise thing to do either. What is the point of writing anything substantial on facebook if that is the case? Then, appear less on facebook, and make an appearance on the web if you like sharing so much, share it with everybody, or nobody.

Appear less on facebook
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