What’s a great IDE to use on Linux? Some suggestions, not necessarily in order of importance:

  • KDevelop: You haven’t used a Linux IDE until you’ve tried out KDevelop. I haven’t seen a more complete and usable IDE on any platform. It’s way better than Visual Studio for comparable C/C++ development, and covers many languages and build systems. Naturally supports Qt/KDE development exceptionally well. I’d contributed to KDevelop so I happen to have seen the quality of its code. You will be pleasantly surprised how advanced KDevelop is.
  • Spyder: It’s a great IDE for python which includes advanced debugging and scientific computing features. Python projects usually have a lot of files and the advanced layout, intelligent code editing, and data visualization features can help a lot when developing the kind of complex code that python is well suited to. A must! (Also try out the latest Eric.)
  • RStudio: If you’re a data scientist, you need it. RStudio makes R a seamless, enjoyable experience and boosts productivity. You won’t be able to quit RStudio once you get the hang of it. It’s for the real pros!
  • Code::Blocks: A portable IDE that’s quite fast and usable. One of the most recommended IDE’s for Linux.
  • Geany: Proper minimalistic IDE written in GTK, which means it’s quite fast.
  • Gnome Builder: A new gnome-centric IDE which integrates well with GNOME UI designers. I haven’t tried it yet, but since it has gotten the official GNOME sanction, must be something!
Great IDE’s on Linux

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