Cyberthustra is Nietzsche’s Brain simulation bootstrapped from his own writings and my neural template. As you can guess, our Cybernetic Nietzsche is not truly content with the world. He speaks of leaders and freedom in this tirade. Fast forward to 2040.


I see many a folk who blindly follow their leaders and glorify them. I see those who among you who would like to see me as their crazy leader, even, as though that may not be the wisest thing to consider. I ask you, when is it that you are full of love for your leader? When he gives you a present or pats you on the back? Or when you feel that you are not good enough and he is a better man than you, and makes better decisions? Thus, you make the fools leaders, and then mock them in your family circle, for if the leader were indeed better than you, this would disturb you to no end. It never occurs to you during those heart warming debates that you think of yourself as free men, yet you follow a leader like sheep. Thus, when I say, follow me, follow me not, and when I proclaim to be your prophet, hang me by my toes. If it is my words you think of, that will honor me, for it is my ideas that will make a lasting mark.

Thus spoke Cyberthustra

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