Let’s get creative with this. People want cool stuff. Let’s give them what they want.
  1. Transhumanist cyber communism will give you free electricity and wireless charging throughout the entire city.
  2. Free secure and wireless broadband internet everywhere.
  3. Cyber state issues you a digital identity and enough cpu and storage to store & process all your personal data, and run a brain simulation.
  4. Transhumanist cyber communism will give you the coolest implants ever. You will have FREE brain-machine interfaces that link your brain to an exocortex in silico, and to the cloud. You can obtain an implant that gives you vision in extra wavelengths, an artificial immune system, artificial glands that you can control, an implant that acts like a portable mobile computer in your body, an implant that lets you store energy from an electricity outlet and interface with various ports, a nanotech bio implant that augments muscles with artificial muscles, a nanoparticle that can enhance the hardness of skeletal material, an artificial food generator organ that can synthesize aminoacids, and an artificial organ that helps reproduce stem cells in a youthful regeneration fashion.
  5. Cyber state has a cooler online currency than bitcoin. Way cooler. 😀
  6. Cyber communism gives you a free home fabricator and grower to produce all of your personal supplies that you might need.
  7. Cyber communism makes you part of a land collective, and assigns you a lot of land to cultivate in case you so desire.
  8. Cyber communism gives you free healthcare, education, and lodging.
  9. Cyber communism provides you with a backup android in case you are biologically deceased. Your brain patterns are digitized via a nanometer-resolution scanning procedure, and your brain simulation is stored in the cloud and a copy runs in your avatar.
  10. Cyber communism gives you a free license to a sexbot that you can fully customize.
  11. Free AI software and operating system.
  12. Microsoft Windows is banned.
  13. Cyber state taxes corporations fairly, and does not tax the poor.
  14. Cyber state makes you a partner of a large production co-operative, and pays you Universal Basic Income out of it.
  15. Cyber communism makes it super easy to be an entrepreneur in either science, technology, or the arts.
  16. Cyber communism gives you super cool voting software to vote on nearly every aspect of the society that you may want to voice an opinion on. It’s direct democracy with no politicians.
  17. Cyber communism offers advanced distributed “state administration” software that allows communities to self-govern. Cybernetic design makes it possible for many administrative functions to be automated, completely transparent. New laws, executive orders, and economical and strategic parameters are decided by voting.
  18. Cyber law builds upon a combination of AI and human judgement to prevent unfairness in legal decisions. Cyber courts use extended online juries to decide cases.
  19. Bureaucracy is dissolved by a distributed meritocracy that respects scientific expertise. Citizen software is cryptographically secure and securely provides voting and state officer functions, and you are rewarded for performing a state function.
Transhumanist Cyber Communism

2 thoughts on “Transhumanist Cyber Communism

  • April 18, 2017 at 11:54 pm

    I prefer the term Techno-Socialism. 😉
    But really I just wanted to say you have a nice blog, I plan on reading some more.

    • July 26, 2017 at 1:37 pm

      Thank you, starfighter. 🙂


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