I would love to conclude that they are ETI (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), however a less exciting case seems probable. The observed UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) might be tests of advanced UAV’s or other sophisticated military technology. Not to worry, I will attempt to explain the puzzling features of UAP’s since I personally viewed a most spectacular instance and shot one of the most intriguing videos available.

UAP at Istanbul

A lot of people, especially of the ineffective at attention and analysis variety, did not believe my videos were authentic. That is why I have conveniently provided the original files for anyone who might want to run forensics. There are three hypotheses that are equally interesting.

Hypersonic Stealth Drone

The first hypothesis is that the observation was real, it showed a piloted, physical object, a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and not just UAP.

Let’s go directly to my analysis and how I explained my sighting as well as US Department of Defense UAP sightings, and their uncanny features. I am writing this as I watch a new hearing on UAPs that don’t really say anything new.

Some brief comments about my analysis are in order. First off, any new aerospace technology may create an unexpected visual signature therefore it’s not surprising that the video imagery is unusual. Those who are too careless to understand even that are encouraged to never read my blog anyhow. Second, you need to know a good deal about advanced propulsion and aircraft design to appreciate the analysis. I understand the subject a bit as I introduced a new kind of fusion rocket concept once.

I inferred that the object I observed might be a hypersonic drone of sorts. The flight characteristics, optical anomalies, propulsion type, aircraft architecture, etc. make the interesting part. The particular hypersonic engine might be a pulse detonation engine. It is probably a chemical engine however the power source might also be a nuclear reactor. The craft might be capable of plasma sheath which helps with hypersonic speeds. The craft might possess quantum metamaterial based optical camouflage that reduces optical and IR signatures (optical cloaking was recorded), which would be a fascinating possibility, or otherwise it does have the capability of becoming much less visible. The craft seems piloted, unmanned, capable of very high G, and unusual zig-zag style maneuvering, which implies vectored thrust or rocket thrust. Under that assumption, the craft is then likely a hypersonic drone, a space plane/drone, or a hypersonic glide vehicle for a thermonuclear armed ICBM, with extremely interesting features.

What is the significance of such a Special Access Project? Just recently, a new skunkworks stealth spy drone was delivered to the US military, and there are rumors of SR-72, the successor to SR-71, going around. There are also NGAD demonstrator vehicles supposedly. These US planes would all likely be equipped with the latest stealth and ECM systems, and they would enjoy a high level of secrecy. I have also observed extremely implausible looking stealth capabilites; the article is barely visible in a clear day while it is “cruising”, and perhaps there is also IR cloaking or dispersion. The observed UAP might plausibly be one of these potential vehicles; during flight test patterns, we would ideally like to stress test and test the limits of flight capabilities such as speed, acceleration, vectored thrust, different engine burn modes, which explains the rather spectacular displays of that day. There were indeed both colorful fireworks-like sparks and a plasma ball like view during a “hovering mode”, which suggested extreme speed and engine capabilities. Pulse Detonation Engine or Rotational Detonation Engine designs can produce interesting exhaust patterns. Use of an aerospike or scramjet can produce a huge trail, and an unusual look compared to normal turbojets. Such an aircraft would likely contain multiple engines because it is difficult to combine them in one engine. It might have a turbojet, a scramjet, and an aerospike engine in tandem. Such a drone would be perfect for surveillance, but it could conceivably also attack satellites, which makes it a strategically critical weapon against Russia and China. The observation might also correspond to a secret X-37b spaceplane drone or similar, that was running a re-entry test, this would likely involve breaking maneuvers but also long glide movements and course corrections, which also explain most of the UFO observations that registered on miilitary radars, as 18000 mph is a typical atmospheric re-entry speed for ICBMs, and yes, there will be lots of spectacular plasma, especially on a clear day, and it might look exactly like a “hovering UFO” for a period. Likewise for a hypersonic glide vehicle, which would require course corrections, but also air defense avoidance patterns, which explains zig-zag maneuvers and tight arcs. At any rate, such advanced tactical abilities suggest a military project rather than a civilian. No radar trace was found matching the observation, therefore it is plausible that the object operated at a higher altitude than usual. A camera on the ground does not ordinarily provide a method for obtaining distance and altitude, there were no reference objects either. This could of course also be a Russian or a Chinese project, as well. Russia has a hypersonic glider project called Avangarde, and China is working on hypersonic waverider plane designs.

Laser IR Decoy

It is also plausible that the object observed is a plasma ball generated by a laser from a naval vessel. The proposed technology can generate arbitrary 3D shapes in the air generating plasma with a raster process, and can apparently create dense shapes of plasma that work as both IR and radar decoys. This is quite a possibility as a shape was indeterminate, there was no visible plane or recognizable propulsion. This is the same as David Brin’s “cat laser theory”.

Stealth Lighter-Than-Air Surveillance Craft

This is another possibility that is interesting enough. The craft could be a dirigible or airship that is designed to be concealed and mimic other objects in the sky if need be. Such a craft could easily sneak behind a cloud cover make observations and return. It is harder to hide in a clear sky. The craft could have propulsion and it could also have optical camouflage and a sort of ion generation (for lift/propulsion) or optical projection ability. At any rate, it seems to possess either a kind of cloaking or projection capability in particular.

Therefore, I think that it would have to be a military project. I couldn’t determine its national origin. It could be US black project, perhaps something a contractor is working on, or it could be Russia or China although it is claimed that is not the case.

Analysis of Strange UAP Disclosure Events: Showing the Cat?

I know that a lot of netizens believe that the ETI are here. However, we just never seem to get any conclusive evidence.

A possible reason for this is that both AATIP (or the official title of the program) and Grusch and his seemingly well-meaning journalist friends as well as UFO grifter journalists have been purposefully misled by a sophisticated disinformation campaign that’s meant to dazzle the public and scare the adversaries of USA. We call this the “showing the cat” scenario. I’ll summarize what the reasons might be and then explain why my personal experience supports this possibility.

  1. UFO stories have been used to conceal aerospace SAPs for a long time (Confirmed from an associate who worked with one of them, a stealth dirigible). Therefore, pretty much all the historical testimonials might be people on a small gig to serve national security. Notice a good deal verge on the fantastical, hardly coherent.
  2. Most such alleged events take place in either USA or 5 eyes countries although there are bizarre events elsewhere, who really knows what happened as we entirely lack hard evidence in every case. Rigorously so. Therefore all these accounts of Roswell, Battle of LA etc might just be legends and fake documentation. Likewise, with the massive number of sightings in Ukraine. Possibly classified surveillance drones.
  3. The recent US Navy sightings and a lot of others magically happened in training areas or very close to military bases/labs. Directly supports SAP theory.
  4. Upon close inspection of the footage, we’re inclined to believe we’re looking at advanced airfoils and propulsion technologies. This screams to adversaries’ military intelligence: they have a scary secret super weapon.
  5. The public looks at this stuff and is dazzled by US military might and alien technology. They also completely neglect thinking it might be SAPs. Effective coverup especially where SAPs are tested, like in Nevada.
  6. Military intelligence analysts look at it, and conclude USA has aerospace dominance on an unprecedented level. This will make it less likely to plan risky operations like invading Taiwan.
  7. Grusch and others talking about interdimensional beings, consciousness based encounters, paranormal references. Seriously? That just takes scientific credibility to zero.

What about my personal experience? Apparently the disinformation campaign extends to popular UFO groups on the internet. Pretty much all of them might be controlled by military intelligence. When I posted my video and analysis on r/UFOs concluding it looks like the test of a new hypersonic drone with some interesting camouflage ability, and also explained they might be showing these because China has superior aerospace technology currently, I was immediately censored and banned. I also saw that legitimate footage was removed from Youtube, there were authentic HD videos that showed how the plasma around the craft flowed. These were mostly removed, but if somebody posted a poorly done CGI, or cloud pictures this was upvoted by bot accounts. These observations IMO support the “showing the cat” scenario. They want to show a little, but not too much. Blurry pictures are OK, but detailed analysis/close-up is not OK because it might reveal the exact capabilities. They probably just want to make a scary legend out of it.

The bizarre statements by defense personnel bring to mind the possibility that this a metaphorical way of showing adversaries superior aerospace capabilities, be it as advanced air defense, surveillance, or decoy, sensor, propulsion, lift, and cloaking technology. Without making it clear which technologies are achieved, a super weapon is implied, which would cause confusion for adversaries, and it would be an effective, sophisticated psyops campaign. See, our aerospace tech is so advanced we might as well be aliens.

Is Grusch Friggin’ Psyops?

Logic says he ought to be. Why? They’re releasing footage of what looks like decoy, drone, and lighter-than-air aircraft technology and call it UAP. They refer to pseudoscientific nonsense like extra-dimensional and ultra-terrestrial entities. The latter originates from nazi myths. There is no way Grusch wouldn’t know about these powerful but secret military technologies. So why is he specifically calling them UAPs when they can be identified? I am aware that he said that he is not psyops.

Grusch referred to extra dimensional, ultra-terrestrial entities and that’s when I realized those are just ideas that exist in UFO folklore that have no connection to reality. Makes you think he OR his informants are just playing on people’s biases! Confirmation bias works wonderfully indeed.

It very well could be that this is yet another ruse to cover up some big SAP like a spaceplane project.

Hollywood on psyops payroll

Invasion, Secret Invasion, Debris, Independence Day, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Battle of Los Angeles, X-Files, and many other new series and movies are subliminally programming people to believe in an alien invasion. This isn’t quite scientific, but I just thought it is something to consider.

What are UAPs then?

Laser generated IR decoys (earliest version was a proton beam)

Lighter than aircraft with propulsion

Drone radar decoys (sub launched/retrieved variant exists)

Targeting drones and pods

Surveillance/cargo platforms (airships, dirigibles, drones, etc)

A lot of spy balloons with interesting sensor pods hanging

Strato ops (can include various tech like Project Aurora, milestone announced recently)


These explain 99% of the sightings, the rest are secret aerospace testing.


After collecting evidence for months, I have reviewed the available evidence and concluded that UAPs are just secret r/SpecialAccess projects from the 5 eyes countries. Mostly laser generated IR decoy, lighter than air aircraft and drone technology.

Apparently, there are simulated encounters.

There is a reason China and Russia aren’t declaring anything because they know it’s psyops and mostly just spy balloons and some interesting new tech like laser decoy tech and Project Nemesis being tested. That’s why China ramped up its own spy balloon program as a response.

This is just Cold War cloak and dagger nonsense.

More Material

Please see the the reddit subs r/uapfiles and r/SpecialAccess for material on relevant terrestrial military technology projects. I have posted so many projects that are frankly baffling in scope and capabilities and I am certain that most people would have no idea that they even exist. ZeroHedge also agrees.

UAP Sightings are Probably Terrestrial Technology


Eray Özkural has obtained his PhD in computer engineering from Bilkent University, Ankara. He has a deep and long-running interest in human-level AI. His name appears in the acknowledgements of Marvin Minsky's The Emotion Machine. He has collaborated briefly with the founder of algorithmic information theory Ray Solomonoff, and in response to a challenge he posed, invented Heuristic Algorithmic Memory, which is a long-term memory design for general-purpose machine learning. Some other researchers have been inspired by HAM and call the approach "Bayesian Program Learning". He has designed a next-generation general-purpose machine learning architecture. He is the recipient of 2015 Kurzweil Best AGI Idea Award for his theoretical contributions to universal induction. He has previously invented an FPGA virtualization scheme for Global Supercomputing, Inc. which was internationally patented. He has also proposed a cryptocurrency called Cypher, and an energy based currency which can drive green energy proliferation. You may find his blog at http://log.examachine.net and some of his free software projects at https://github.com/examachine/.

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