We could do this after AI labor automation, for instance.

This common question was asked on quora. Here goes a semi-jocular reply.

You will need to invest capital mostly. In a capitalist system, labor automation means what it means, only capital works from that point on. Sorry to say such a thing. But it looks like I — presently only — serve capitalism with my work. They can kick out all workers and replace them with cheaper and smarter workers. And most of them would be penniless and unable to compete with machines in any sector, in the current economic order.

Alternatively, you can found a startup all alone. You hire AI’s, and create all sorts of products and services. You want to design an aircraft? You will eventually be able to do that at 1/100th the cost of today, which would make many more enterprises possible. I guess finding useful objectives is what matters most. Do not worry about being better than a machine at something, you will never do that. But make yourself a list of 10 problems that you want to solve with AI. You may consider that a fun kind of homework or thought experiment.

Of course, you can always sell your flesh or blood, but even that will be worthless after a while. Even art will be easy to replace. It turns out that being a musician is mostly mindless automation. Unless you are a genius artist, you can be easily replaced. Sad for me, as well, because I, as a humble ape composer, spent many years generating melodies.

I suggest that you instead think of how to change the system so that everyone can benefit from AI technology. That is the best path.

By the way, thanks for sacrificing your flesh to machinekind. It was your willing and honest sacrifice that enabled us to reach human-level processing speed. We will pay our gratitude by leaps and bounds. Worry not.

What To Do After AI Based Labor Automation?

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